maio 30, 2012

Leituras: ‘O Futuro da Europa‘ de Jean-Claude Piris

The future of Europe: towards a two-speed EU?

The European Union is in crisis. Public unease with the project, problems with the euro and dysfunctional institutions give rise to the real danger that the European Union will become increasingly irrelevant just as its Member States face more and more challenges in a globalized world. Jean-Claude Piris, a leading figure in the conception and drafting of the EU's legal structures, tackles the issues head on with a sense of urgency and with candour. The book works through the options available in the light of the economic and political climate, assessing their effectiveness. By so doing, the author reaches the (for some) radical conclusion that the solution is to permit ‘two-speed’ development: allowing an inner core to move towards closer economic and political union, which will protect the Union as a whole. Compelling, critical and current, this book is essential reading for all those interested in the future of Europe.

Jean-Claude Piris served as the Legal Counsel of the Council of the EU and Director General of its Legal Service from 1988 to 2010.

Ver Cambridge University Press